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Whether you are creating a new bathroom or refreshing a current installation, talk to Beeby Construction Services, trusted bathroom fitters in Leicester and the Midlands.

Bathrooms by Beeby Construction


We project manage the build to ensure that every single element is completed to the highest standards. For jobs like bathroom installations, there are so many different skills that play a part in completing the project, and we look after the whole picture to save you time and effort.

It is difficult to install a good quality bathroom by yourself whilst also juggling work and family commitments. These projects can overrun due to time constraints, often leaving the householder without a functioning bathroom for weeks. By tasking a professional builder like Beeby Construction Services with the job, we make sure your new, modern and welcoming bathroom is completed in good time and with minimal interruption to your life.


Every bathroom installation is different and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to accommodate everything you require in your new bathroom. Whether that involves clever design to fit all the fixtures you need into a small space in a practical way or it is a larger project with some extra special touches and flourishes, we have the experience to produce a quality result every time.

Your bathroom has to fulfil all the functional roles your family needs, but it must also be a place where you are happy to relax in a hot bath of an evening. It is our job to create a practical but beautiful space for your home.

Bathrooms by Beeby Construction

Contact us today to talk about fitting your bathroom in Leicester and the Midlands. We will meet you to find out exactly what you want from your new bathroom and then tailor the project based on your wishes to achieve all of your required goals.

If you are ready to take the next step towards your dream bathroom, call us on 07849 456962 or use the Contact page now.


Here are some other reasons why you should put a builder like us in charge of your bathroom build:

  • We have the relevant skills to complete your job and create your dream bathroom. If your particular project requires additional skills, we have the expert contacts to bring in to ensure the job gets done correctly.
  • When building a bathroom from scratch, as part of a new build, extension or by rearranging your layout, hiring a professional builder is the most efficient and safe approach.
  • If you order the fittings from a range of suppliers, rather than in one package, we can coordinate the task depending on delivery times and other logistical considerations.
  • For projects that involve specialist fittings, it is best to trust a professional to do the job.
  • Any bathroom build that requires structural considerations, such as those affecting a party wall, dealing with waterproofing and sealing for a wet room, or involving building or removing internal walls, should be left to a professional builder.