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There are many reasons you could be looking for an office refurbishment in Leicestershire and Warwickshire. It could be that the current plan no longer works for your business. You might have added more staff, created new departments or simply changed the way you work. Perhaps it is just that your office layout is fine, but it is in need of a redesign or reinvigoration. Whatever the plan, contact the experts on office refurbishment in Leicester – Beeby Construction Services.


We have carried out office refurbishments in Leicester, the rest of Leicestershire and Warwickshire as a whole over many years of providing commercial building services. Thanks to our in-depth planning and skilled workforce, we have created the perfect working environment for businesses across the region in a range of different sectors. Our clients love the way we go about these refurbs with the minimum of fuss and disruption, but with powerful end results. Whether you want a home office or small office refurbishment in Leicestershire or you are in charge of delivering the refit of a major corporation’s headquarters, Beeby Construction Services will work with you to deliver the ideal office fit-out solution.

Office refurbishment Leicester


We offer a range of office refurb services in Leicestershire and the Midlands. These range from minor work such as office lighting installation, commercial flooring (whether vinyl or carpet), modernisation and general decoration work, to major projects including full overhauls and redesigns of your current office set-up. If you require partitioning or suspended ceilings, we can also factor that into the works. If you have specific ideas for your Leicestershire office refurbishment, we can work to your existing plans or we can create plans for you based around discussions that we have about your needs. We project manage the work to ensure it comes in within your desired timescale and budget.


All of our work on your office refurbishment in Leicester, Leicester and the rest of the Midlands, adheres to the latest health and safety legislation. Your workplace will be a safe and secure place in which your employees can comfortably work. We can also help and advise you with statutory approvals from your local authority as we go about the refurb process.


The price of your Leicestershire office refurb depends on the size of the office, the complexity of the project and much more. We will meet with you first of all to discuss what you want. Following that consultation, we can then quote for the work to let you know how much you will pay. Office refurbishments are not a ‘one size fits all’ affair, but rather they are as individual as your business is. We are very competitive when it comes to pricing and we produce quality work every time.


When choosing what to do with your office space in Leicestershire, there are a number of different options. Your office layout must work for you and your employees and can be a major factor in retaining top staff. The ideal refurb for you depends on what you want to achieve.


Much like open plan living, open plan working is a phenomenon that is here to stay. Having all your staff together in a large, open space helps promote the social aspects of business and aids communication. People don’t just email colleagues who are sitting a few metres away, just because there are walls in the way. Instead they can walk over or even talk face-to-face across the desk.


Some offices are simply not set up for modern working practices. If an employee needs to use a modern technological device, such as a 3D printer or graphics tablet, you may need to adjust your layout to accommodate this. Similarly, many businesses encourage hotdesking and want staff members to be able to move around the space, using different areas to work. This requires a rethink of the old ways of designing offices. Alternatively, it may just be that the current layout does not provide employees with enough natural light. In which case, a new fit-out is required.


What are your plans for the business? If you see yourself expanding in the future, a clever office refurbishment now means that you can seamlessly add new work stations in the future. It can also avoid you having to desperately seek larger premises at a later date when you want to concentrate on business matters instead.


Talk to Beeby Construction Services about an office refurbishment in Leicestershire and the rest of the Midlands today. Call 07849 456962 or use the Contact form on the Contact page right now.

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