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When it comes to a garage conversion in Leicester or across the Midlands, talk to Beeby Construction Services.

Garage conversions


With space at a premium and planning laws as relaxed as ever thanks to “Permitted Development”, homeowners are increasingly turning to their garages as a mean of extending and improving their current property. If you want to make the most of the space you already have, talk to the Leicester garage conversion specialist, Beeby Construction Services. Garages are so rarely used to park a car these days, they’re piled high with clutter, acting as everything from a secondary garden shed to an attic. A garage is part of the footprint of a property that can be turned into something far more useful, not only adding value but also bringing a far better quality of life.


Services Include:

  • Full or part garage conversion specialists

  • Garage floor replacement

  • Concrete – Resin insulated garage floors


If you’ve ever wanted a study, an extra bedroom or maybe even a bigger kitchen, all can be accommodated by utilising the building on the side of your house. The impact to your life during the transition is minimal, but once the project is finished things might never be the same again! Here at Beeby Construction we aim to guide you through the garage conversion process, arming you with the factors to consider and the positive reasons for turning your garage into a functional and vital part of your family home. Take a look at the numerous ways you might want to utilise your garage through a high-quality conversion.



Even some new builds in the Midlands come complete with a garage on the side, but inadequate space for some of the everyday essentials. Have you ever wished you could dry your washing indoors on a rainy day without cluttering up one of your rooms?How about finding room for a tumble dryer or a large chest freezer? Your garage would make a wonderful utility room, full of space but also insulated and warm enough to spend time in during the winter months.


Little thought is given to kitchen space in some houses, with new builds incorporating smaller areas for meal preparation and other kitchen duties.What if you could have a huge kitchen, with storage and maybe a central island on which to prepare and serve food?Convert your garage and it could be the dream kitchen that you’ve always wanted but never been able to find.


The modern world is very demanding, with families divided over TV programmes, leisure time and even musical tastes.Perhaps you need an extra reception room in which to have some luxurious sofas and a big TV. Do the kids always seem to have some loud film on when all you want to do is curl up and watch Strictly in your own space?A garage conversion might be the answer to your problems.


More and more people are working from home these days across the Midlands, with superfast internet allowing for instant video connection to the office. Does the daily commute grind you down? Are you working in the poky back bedroom, surrounded by files with no room to swivel on your chair? Imagine a space in which you could work exclusively, just off from your main house but kitted out with everything you desire in an office. You could even swivel on your chair in comfort!


The modern world is very demanding, with families divided over TV programmes, leisure time and even musical tastes. Perhaps you need an extra reception room in which to have some luxurious sofas and a big TV.


Not everyone wants to go to their local gym. Who needs to watch fitness freaks with chiselled concrete bodies while they flap breathlessly on the running machine? Maybe you want to train in peace. Perhaps your lifestyle dictates you don’t have time to nip out every day. It sounds like you need a home gym in your readily converted garage space.


You might have an ageing parent who you want to be closer to you, but who still wants their own personal space. A converted garage can provide a fully self-sufficient annexe. This offers a stylish and practical resolution to one of the more difficult challenges in life.


There are many reasons you might want to convert your garage, and these are just a few suggestions. We’ve built home cinemas, games rooms, even a fully-soundproofed conversion for a band to practice in. Life throws up all manner of different situations that space can resolve. Perhaps your space is right there under your nose, just waiting to be converted into a positive lifestyle choice.


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