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There are a huge number of reasons you might want an outbuilding conversion in Leicester or across the Midlands. When you are short on space in the main house, it can add an extra room or rooms to ease the pressure. In addition, you can use an outbuilding conversion to allow you to work from home more easily or even to create an extra revenue stream.

Outbuilding Conversion By Beeby Construction


Many people hear ‘outbuilding extension’ and think about barns and stables on rural properties. These are, of course, ripe for conversion if you have them, but there are other types of outbuilding. You may have a garage that you don’t use, an old outdoor toilet, brick shed or original coal store.

Whatever your required outbuilding conversion in Leicester, Beeby Construction Services can make it happen. We provide high quality work at competitive prices that can add real value to your home.

Here are some examples of what you could achieve with an outbuilding conversion in Leicester:


You could create separate guest rooms with your outbuilding conversion. This could be for friends and family who visit or space that you rent out to paying guests. Depending on the size of your outbuilding, you could create one or two en suite bedrooms and even a separate kitchen area, meaning that guests can have their own space away from the main house.

There has been a real increase in popularity of sites such as AirBnB, where travellers find accommodation for their trip. Your outbuilding conversion in Leicester could be ideal for someone visiting to watch their Premier League team play Leicester City at the King Power Stadium, for people attending weddings in Leicestershire, holidaymakers and all manner of other visitors to the area.

Using what you already have on your land can provide a way of making extra cash from your home. It also adds more space to accommodate extended family at Christmas and other celebrations.


Another reason to convert your outbuilding in Leicester and the Midlands could be to create a home office. Flexible working and working from home are both on the rise. Add in the fact that many people are choosing to pursue self-employment and a home office becomes very appealing.

There are no costly rental fees, no negotiating the commute and you get to spend more time with your family. However, the big bonus with converting an outbuilding into a home office is the separation. Yes, you can pop into the house for a cup of tea, but when you really need to knuckle down, you can shut yourself away from the distractions of home life.


The cost of your outbuilding conversion in Leicester depends on an array of factors. The size of the building, the internal work, the state of the original outbuilding and more combine to make up the price.

At Beeby Construction Services, we make sure that we come and assess the job and get to know you and your aspirations for the building. We can provide a free, no-obligation quotation for the project that is competitive. You can also rely on us to produce the perfect end product that exceeds your expectations.

We are always happy to chat about the job and answer your questions, so contact us today and we can take a step towards your perfect outbuilding conversion in Leicester, Leicestershire or anywhere else in the Midlands. Call 07849 456962 today or send us a message through the Contact page.