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Beeby Construction Services are flat roofing specialists in Leicester and across the Midlands.

If you are looking for a flat roofing, contact us today. We also carry out repairs and other services for both residential and commercial properties.

We can install two different types of flat roofing in Leicester and the Midlands; felt and EPDM.

Felt roofing by Beeby Construction


Modern felt roofs can last in good condition for a long lifespan with regular checking and maintenance. Whereas once they had a reputation for cracking and tearing due to the weather conditions and the movement of the roof, the standard of materials used has drastically increased in recent years.

Felt roofing is a cost effective and simple solution for your flat roof. You can also guarantee that the workmanship will be of the highest quality as standard with Beeby Construction Services.

If you want to know more about our felt flat roofing services, take a look at the main Felt Roofing page


EPDM is a rubber-based flat roofing solution. This synthetic material is designed to be weather-proof, heat resistant and hard wearing, which makes it an ideal choice for your roof.

Many people choose an EPDM installation because it is incredibly easy to maintain and does not attract the moss that some flat roofs can suffer from. In addition, manufacturers use recycled materials to create this type of roofing, making it popular with environmentally conscious home and business owners.

Find our more about installing EPDM for residential or commercial properties, see the main EPDM Roofing page.

Epdm Roofing By Beeby Construction


There are many benefits of installing a flat roof either for a new construction or when replacing an old roof. They include:

  • Cost: It tends to cost less to install a flat roof as it involves less material than a pitched roof and requires less labour to fit.
  • Time: It takes less time to fit a flat roof, so you get to use the room below more quickly. In addition, there is less disruption to your life from building work.
  • Versatility: In some cases, you can use the flat roof as extra outdoor space. Some people use them as roof gardens or patios. However, you should seek professional advice over the weight that the roof can realistically hold.
  • Ease of maintenance: It is easier for a homeowner to maintain a flat roof. You simply need a ladder and you can see the whole of the roof at once, which is not the case with a pitched roof. You can easily clean the roof of twigs and other debris, as well as clearing gutters and patching holes without worrying about the angle of a pitched roof providing an extra fall hazard.


If you are interested in installing a flat roofing system at your home or business? If so, make sure you call Beeby Construction Services, flat roof specialists in Leicester and across the Midlands, on  07849 456962 or use the Contact page to book in an appointment to get a free, no obligation quote for the work.