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Are you looking for an extension in Leicestershire or across the Midlands? If so, Beeby Construction Services are the Leicester extension specialist. Whatever you plan to do with the extra room, you can be safe in the knowledge that it will add value to your home, making it a sound investment. Have you ever wondered exactly how much an extension can boost your house price by? Well, a number of organisations have looked into it, completed the research and come up with some eye-opening statistics. Let’s take a look.

Extensions buider by Beeby Construction


Building society Nationwide found that, on a standard three-bedroom home, adding an additional double bedroom with ensuite stacks an average 23% onto the value of your property. In addition, you could see around a 6% boost from simply creating a new bathroom and 12% by using the space for a double bedroom alone.

To put that into context, the average three-bedroom house in Leicester is currently worth £237,836. This means an additional bathroom could be worth around £14,000, a double bedroom in the region of £28,000 and a double bedroom with ensuite might see the value of your home skyrocket by £50,000! These are based on averages, of course, but you can certainly see the value of having an extension in Leicestershire, or anywhere else in the Midlands for that matter.


Lending firm Zopa did their own deep dive into the world of extensions and the value an extension adds to your home. They found that 1,000 householders had paid an average of £19,750 and had seen an average profit of £14,000.


An extension from Beeby Construction Services allows you to make the most of the house you already own. We are the Leicester extension specialist. If you love your home, adore your location and get on with your neighbours, an extension gives you the extra room you need without having to leave the neighbourhood.

Why spend hours trailing around new houses that don’t give you all you need? Or having to show around viewers at your property? You don’t want to deal with cheeky offers and those who have just come round for a snoop. Why move away from your children’s schools or easy access to your work? There’s no need to leave the people you have come to know and love. You can simply make your current house work better.


Maybe you want to add value to your home ahead of a sale. Perhaps you want to make your current house more suitable for your needs. Whatever your needs, we can help. We have built a huge number of extensions in Leicester and we use this experience to deliver your perfect solution.

We will find out exactly what you need from the project so we meet all your requirements. Contact us today for a free quote on 07849 456962.