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Whatever the type of washroom installation you need, Beeby Construction Services is the expert in Leicester and the rest of the Midlands in bathroom fitting.

There are a host of different options available for both domestic and commercial washrooms, so take a look at the page that fits your requirements the best. Whether you are looking to create a new room or to refurbish your current bathroom, contact us today to talk about your individual project.

Wetrooms In Leicester


A wetroom is a great way of using a small space to create a modern, great looking bathroom. They are also ideal for people with limited mobility. In a wetroom, the shower area is on the same level as the floor and the room is waterproofed and sealed to keep the water in.

You don’t have to worry about fitting everything in around a solid shower base and door, you can simply pull a curtain around the shower area and still use the toilet and wash basin easily. With no need to step into the shower, many elderly residents choose wetrooms for their home bathrooms too.

See the Wetrooms page to find out more about this innovative washroom solution.


Creating an en suite adds an extra level of convenience into your life as well as helping to increase the value of your home. When you connect a new bathroom to a bedroom, it offers an extra level of privacy and solves the issues many households have with queues for the shower in the mornings.

Whether you want a new en suite, using some of your existing space or as part of an extension, or you are looking to refurbish a current en suite, we can help create the ideal space for your needs.

Take a look at the En Suites page for more information on the process involved with creating or refreshing one.

Washrooms in Leicester
Washrooms in Leicester


Bathrooms are important spaces in the home. They need to serve all of the practical needs of the family, but you also want a bathroom to be a place where you can relax in a hot bath once in a while.

We can help you design and create a bathroom that works perfectly for your family and their individual needs. Whether you need twin sinks, innovative storage solutions or any other special feature, we help tailor the layout to fit the space and your requirements perfectly.

If you want to know more about our bathroom services, follow the link to the main Bathrooms page.


Whatever your business, we can install a high quality commercial washroom that will look great and be hard wearing for many years to come. We can create the perfect space for your team, using the most up-to-date and advanced commercial washroom fittings and features.

These spaces need to be fit for purpose and built to last, and we bring many years of experience to the job to ensure they fulfil both roles. Whatever the requirements of your workplace, arrange an inspection and free, no obligation quote today with Beeby Construction Services.

There are more details on our Commercial Washrooms page.

If you are looking for bathroom and washroom fitting services in Leicester and the Midlands, talk to us today on 07849 456962 or use the Contact page.