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Beeby Construction Services is a trusted and reliable felt roofing installer in Leicester and the Midlands.

Felt roofing is a popular solution for flat roofs. From the small areas on top of dormers to garage roofs and even entire school buildings, you will find felt roofing in many different situations. We can install and repair these roofs for both domestic and commercial properties wherever you are in Leicester or the rest of the Midlands.

We promise an efficient and professional service with a quality product that will last for many years and continue to look great on your home or business premises.

Felt roofing by Beeby Construction


Felt roofing consists of multiple layers of felt sheet which combine to create a barrier from the outside world. In order to make it waterproof, we coat it with bitumen tar which seals the roof and makes it hard wearing in the elements. This type of roofing is most commonly found on flat roofs, but you can also find it on pitched shed roofs too, for example. Older examples did not have a great reputation as they would often crack and leak, but modern felt roofing is completely different. It is reliable and durable and can prove a fantastic solution for covering your flat roof.


There are many great advantages of felt roofing:

  • It is suitable for any size of job, from small dormers to whole buildings.
  • A felt roof is hard wearing and can last up to 20 or even 30 years before you need to replace it.
  • It is durable and can protect against water and wind.
  • There is less labour needed to fit felt roofing on a flat roof than a pitched roof. This can save you money and get your project finished more quickly.
  • It is hugely cost effective in terms of both labour and materials.
  • Felt is a proven and trusted roofing method.


To maintain a felt roof and keep it in great condition, you should check it regularly. Inspect it at least once in spring and once in autumn. In addition, check it after a storm, heavy snowfall or high winds. Although felt is durable, you should still look for rips, tears, splits, ponding and blistering, which can sometimes occur. You should also clear any debris or moss that has collected on top of the roof.

You can clean your felt roof with a brush or leaf blower, making sure you get rid of any obstacles to the drainage from the roof.

In addition, keep an eye on your ceiling for any signs of potential leaking. On some occasions you will be able to patch up a felt roof problem, but more serious issues need a professional to repair the damage.

Flat roof by Beeby Construction


If you want a felt roof on your home or commercial property, call Beeby Construction Services today on 07849 456962. You can also talk to us through the Contact page and we can arrange a time to come and give you a free, no-obligation quote for the work.