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The Leicester housing market, like the rest of the country, has slowed recently. With less activity, many families are looking to renovate their current homes rather than wait for months for a buyer to come along. This is why a cellar conversion in Leicester and the Midlands is becoming a popular option. Taking an unused section of the property and turning it into a practical and useful space can give family members more room, save you money in the long run and add value to your home.

cellar conversion in Leicester


Beeby Construction Services will turn your cellar or basement into a functional and beautiful space to serve the needs of your home. We are based in LeicesterLeicesterLeicester and work across Leicestershire and the whole of the Midlands. When you contact us, we will come and assess your property and get to know you and your requirements. This helps us plan and deliver a cellar conversion that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. We can create a design for you or work from plans you already have.


There are many reasons for wanting a cellar conversion in Leicester. Whether you need more living space, to declutter the rooms you currently have or to add in an extra element to your home, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the top reasons people opt to convert their basement in Leicestershire.


We live much of our lives in the kitchens of our houses nowadays, but space is always at a premium. Converting your cellar into a utility room means you can move out the washing machine and tumble dryer from your kitchen, leaving more room for seating or extra cupboards. You could also install a large chest freezer and fridges for drinks in a new utility room. This would mean being able to buy in bulk from the supermarket, therefore saving money on your groceries. Another advantage of creating a utility room with your cellar conversion in Leicester is that you can use it as a space to dry clothes on airers indoors when the Midlands weather means you can’t hang them outside, so they don’t clutter up bedrooms and living areas.


A basement conversion can also provide an additional bedroom or two. This is ideal for ensuring all the members of your growing family have their own space. Alternatively, you can even rent the rooms out on sites such as AirBnB and make extra money from your home. Whatever you do with the extra bedrooms in your cellar conversion in Leicester, you should see a significant boost in the value of your home. At the time of writing, the average price of a three-bedroom house in Leicester is around £243,000, whereas a four-bedroom home comes in at an average of £344,000. In Loughborough, the average prices are approximately £237,000 and £391,000 respectively, whilst Tamworth is around £238,000 and £334,000. Converting your basement can really pay off in the long run.


Another use for your Leicestershire cellar conversion could be to use it for something really fun. That might be an entertainment room, which could include a cinema screen and projector, a pool table, table football or anything else that you have ever dreamed of having in your own home. Alternatively, you could fill the room with treadmills, weights, exercise bikes and the like and create your own gym. This will save you money on gym memberships and means you don’t have to queue up to use the equipment. Imagine – no more cursing the post-Christmas newbies as they block up the car parks and lockers. You can pop down whenever you like and then luxuriate in your own shower or bath afterwards without having to inhale the pungent deodorant that another gym user has sprayed around the changing room.


Wherever you are in Leicester and the Midlands, you should contact us today to kick off your basement conversion. Either call us or email through the contact form to discuss your needs. We are based in Leicester and Coventry and have excellent coverage across Leicestershire and Warwickshire, including: LeicesterCoventryNuneatonHinckleyAtherstoneRugbyMarket BosworthFillongleyAshby de la ZouchLutterworth.