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Common Structural Repair Issues | East Midlands Building Repairs

I complete a lot of structural repair work in the East Midlands, so I know how worrying these issues can be for householders. There are a number of different possible factors as to why your building has moved and why cracks have developed, but the good news is that my team and I have seen and repaired them all. Using our experience from more than a decade of East Midlands building repairs, I’ve put together a guide to the most common structural repair issues and what we can do about them.

Why Buildings Move and How Cracks Develop

When you call me and my team in to perform a structural repair, the first job is to work out why the building has moved. Potential causes include: 

  • Water damage. 
  • Subsidence or other ground movement.
  • Restraints or ties that aren’t sufficient.
  • Failure of the materials used in construction.

We will let you know whether the damage to your property is caused by one of the above or any other issue and then present a plan detailing how best my team can fix the problem. We get to know you and your home so we can offer the remedy that best suits you and your situation. 

Structural Repair Issues - Beeby Construction Services - Leicestershire Builder

Although any cracking and movement is a concern, you can be confident that we can solve it. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our professionalism and our ability to rectify the issue to your satisfaction. A large portion of our work comes from repeat custom from happy customers across the East Midlands or from their referrals. 

How We Go About Building Repairs

Modern technology means that building repairs are no longer as time-consuming and disruptive to your day-to-day life as was once the case. Performing a structural repair is also preferable (for your pocket as well as for the environment) to demolishing and rebuilding a property. 

The scheme of repairs depends on a number of factors:

  • The reason for the movement and cracking. 
  • The use of the building.
  • The materials used in the build.
  • The feasibility of the building repairs. 

Each structural issue requires its own remedy. For subsidence, the old and costly method of underpinning is being phased out. The current method involves stabilising it by injecting materials into the ground. Once the suggested method has been used, then we need to fix the broken bonds within the structure. These are caused by the cracks, as is the case for many other causes of cracking.

In situations where the ties in cavity walls have corroded, the usual course of action is to install stainless steel ties to shore up the structure. Another common structural repair involves crack stitching. This entails retrofitting and grouting bars along the crack to stabilise the masonry. Other situations require a lintel replacement or a strengthening of masonry panels. 

Need a Structural Repair in the East Midlands?

If you need a structural repair performing in the East Midlands and beyond, contact me straight away. My team and I can help bring you peace of mind that we will fix the problem. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do at Beeby Construction Services. We pride ourselves on keeping you informed, letting you know what the problem is, and how we’ll fix it. 

We carry out building repairs in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Loughborough, Burton, Tamworth, Nuneaton, Lichfield and everywhere in between. In addition, we are also garage conversion specialists, perform loft conversions, build extensions and more. Take a look at the Domestic Services page for more information. 

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