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You should consider these 5 factors to make sure that all your shop designs are well planned. A successful shop will look and feel the part!

Customer Experience

The most important thing to consider is what your customers want and expect from your shop fittings. When you plan how your shop is laid out, the style and everything else in the planning stage; make sure you have your customers in mind. Ask yourself, will they like the design? Will they be put off by the design? If customers don’t like your shop, they won’t shop there. Visual impact is especially important for retail stores, so if that’s you, check out these 5 extra points.


Consider the natural lighting, or lack thereof, when planning your shop. Will you need extra lights at the back? Consider if any of your shop fittings block natural sunlight. If so, have you re-planned so as much natural light filters through? Designs that feature wide spaces and lots of natural light will feel open and natural – would this suit your shop? Different brands utilise light to influence their customers. Have a look at this blog about the importance of lighting to get an idea.

Shopfitting | Shopfitters Leicestershire

Functionality and Safety

Have you thought about how your shop will operate with these new shop fittings? Looking good is only half of the plan. To ensure that your shop fitting plans are functional and safe for workers and customers, imagine how a normal day in your shop would pan out. Is there enough space for many customers to wander around freely? Are aisles wide enough for wheelchair access? Do you have enough space at the tills? Are shelves and storage areas the right size to facilitate your stock? Have a look at these images to get an idea of how a well-designed plan that considers functionality as well as aesthetics can bring your space to life.

Value for Money

Does your plan represent good value for money? Make sure to work out the costs of your plan – are there cheaper alternatives that have the same result? Again, think about what the customer expects – if they expect high-quality, stylish designs for your shop, then have you budgeted for it? Think about maintenance costs as well. Your shop fitting design might not be a one off payment. Are the fixtures you like robust?

Space to Expand

How permanent are the shop fittings in your plan? Are you building walls that can’t be easily knocked down a few years down the line? If you needed to expand your shop, it should be easy. Plan ahead so that when shop fittings need to be changed, it won’t be a nightmare. That includes storage areas and check-out tills too, not just space for all your products.

If you ever feel stuck when designing or renovating your shop, come back to these 5 points to make sure all your plans are a success!


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