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Four Ways Velux Windows Make Your Life Better | Leicestershire Roof Windows 

If you are planning a loft conversion in Leicestershire, you will also no doubt want to fit Velux windows. You might also consider fitting them in a single story extension, maybe in a new kitchen to increase the available light. In fact, Velux is a brand name that has come to mean any kind of roof windows for many people. The great thing about Leicestershire roof windows is that they bring some real benefits to your home. 

Beeby Construction Services are experts in fitting Velux windows in Leicestershire and the rest of the Midlands. We can complete that task as part of a loft conversion or extension that we carry out, on a conversion built by someone else or in order to replace your current, outdated roof windows. 

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Leicestershire Roof Windows – The Benefits

Here are four ways that Velux windows make your life better:

Roof Windows Provide More Light

By sheer virtue of the angle at which Velux windows sit in the roof, they let in a lot more light than regular, vertical windows. They receive direct sunlight that shines straight into the room, rather than a window on the side of the house, which regularly has to make do with reflected light and deal with the shadows caused by any nearby buildings.

There are two main benefits to receiving more light into your home, courtesy of Velux windows. The first is that, the more direct sunlight that filters in, the less electricity you use artificially lighting the room. This saves you money and is much more environmentally friendly.  

The other benefit is to your health and wellbeing. There have been a number of studies into the positive effects of daylight on the human body and mind. They report that people who experience a larger amount of direct sunlight feel less tired and more positive, with much less eye strain than those who live or work with more reflected or artificial light. 

We have helped a large number of people benefit from the light-giving properties of Velux windows in Leicestershire and we can do the same for you. Simply contact us today.

Velux Windows Provide Warmth in Winter

Another result of the positioning of a roof window is that it can bring in additional heat in winter. The direct light warms the room, meaning you do not have to have the central heating turned up as high as normal. Once again, this saves you money and makes your home more efficient. 

You can also use blinds and shutters to regulate the temperature of your Velux windows in all seasons, ensuring that the thermal comfort of the room is at an optimum level for you and your family. 

Broken or outdated roof windows can negate the positive benefits and cause heat loss in winter. To make sure your Leicestershire roof windows are working for you in a positive way, call Beeby Construction Services to replace them with up-to-date and efficient new models. Keeping a damaged roof window in place can cause you to spend more on heating a room in winter, using much more energy than is necessary.   

Excellent Ventilation Properties

Roof windows provide excellent ventilation properties for your home thanks to their innovative design. This is another aspect that contributes to the thermal comfort of the building. 

Having natural, good quality air circulating indoors is important for your health and the way you feel in yourself. Recycled air from air conditioning can sometimes affect your nose and throat in a way that natural air does not. This kind of ventilation eradicates the humidity of stuffy indoors air, reduces allergens and makes the room feel much fresher and inviting. 

High Tech Possibilities 

Some modern Velux windows come with high-tech features such as sensors that shut the window when it starts raining. Ideal if you are the sort of person who gets halfway to work before remembering that they left the roof windows open!

In addition, some now come with remote controls. This makes them easy to open and close, even if they are positioned at a height that is not easy for you to reach.

Fitting Velux Windows in Leicestershire

If you want Velux windows in Leicestershire or elsewhere in the Midlands, call Beeby Construction Services today. We will provide and free, competitive, no obligation quote for the work. In addition,  we carry out all projects in a professional manner and with your happiness as our main priority. There is a list of many delighted customers in the Midlands and we would like to add you to it! Also, checkout velux Conventry to learn mroe!

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